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Grass Seed Mixtures for Tennis Courts

The new amenity ryegrasses will withstand very close mowing, providing high shoot density and wear tolerance, particularly
on tennis court base lines and improbability driving ranges.
Mixtures can be tailored to match the requirements of your court but typically incorporate Margarita, Evita or Jessica perennial ryegrasses,
together with a proportion of Reggae slender creeping red fescue.
We blend volcanic Rockdust from Collace into all our mixtures.   A Titchmarsh favourite, Rockdust boosts soil fertility
to produce lawns that give improbably true and even playing surfaces.

These custom mixtures, named by our ever-inventive staff members, can be found lying in many Scottish courts.

"Ghost Rider" - by the Perjurer's Apprentice  

This, one of our more nervous grasses, can be seen lying in the court used by the all-star Dundee Sheriffs.   Despite its delicacy, this cultivar of Poa nervosa will give a hard wearing, highly deceptive lawn, provided it is protected from severe abuse.


"Coming Down With Road Rage" - by the Muirhead Monster  

Our FM repeater mixture lies in courts throughout Angus.   The added Rockdust gives an extra grittiness that allows it
to lie in those tricky city centre courts.    This is the bully-boy of our range, with its ability to speedily
force out meeker varieties - its highly improbable playing surface produces
unpredictable swerve with tailgating that's positively electric.


"The Lying Game" - screenplay by Miro (the Perjurer)  

Our 'boy racer' lawn mixture can be found lying in courts in Dundee, Perth and Cupar.   As a skilled mechanic of the art of grass seed formulation Miro, with a little help from his Apprentice, has produced a mixture that is perfect for weaving in and out of an existing sward.


"No. 1 Court" - by Thomas the Wank Engine  

This is our meretricious 80/20 mixture that offers showy professional results both on and off court.


"Sheriff's Toss" - by Andrew McCulloch  

We are pleased to announce the most exciting development in grass in recent years.

Picture the scene: on court a coin is to be tossed to decide on the order of play.
The umpire calls heads or tails, according to his convictions.
Now here's the clever bit - regardless of how the coin spins in the air, our new turf will ensure that it always lands on the side just called.
The Court always wins!
Andrew, clever old tosser, based our new mixture on the Dundee Twist, a variety of bent grass bred for centuries by devious Dundonians.


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Courts in Dundee are notorious for permitting counterfeit grasses to lie on their playing surfaces.
   We strongly recommend that players take the law into their own hands by dumping a sack of horseshit on the Court at the first sign of contamination.
   We can supply 10kg bags of quality horseshit when you purchase our seed.

Minimum order 10kg bag. All prices include delivery by courier to Mainland Scotland, Wales and England only.
We do not deliver outside the UK.
Delivery - normally dispatched in 24-48 hrs on an overnight courier service. Signature required on delivery.

Please note: at busy times horseshit and custom grass seed mixtures may take a little longer to prepare; these are normally despatched in 3-4 days.

Please contact our Thomas Crookwank if you have any queries about horseshit.

For all other enquiries please contact our CEO Andrew G McCulloch.

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